Jefferson County Community Ministries, Inc. (JCCM) is a cooperative ministry of local churches that assists people in need.  Assistance is provided on a limited scale for short-term emergencies in an effort to enable people to work out permanent solutions to meet their own needs.

JCCM’s Vision

Motivated by a biblical imperative, JCCM engages the community to provide physical and spiritual support for those in crisis situations and seeks to move those in difficult circumstances to independence and security.

JCCM In Action

For years, JCCM has devoted attention and resources to short-term emergency assistance. Currently, we are moving towards activities that will help clients find more permanent solutions.

In order to accomplish this movement to greater self-sufficiency, JCCM

  • Spends more time with each client during the initial interview process
  • Requires proof/documentation of such things as income, family size, and circumstances
  • Requires clients to take advantage of training opportunities to develop additional life skills.

A variety of life skill opportunities are in place to help with the move beyond emergency to solution in the areas of budget and financial planning, food budgeting and planning, problem solving, time management, and pre-employment activities. Over time, we will continue to add more services and programs to support our clients.