JCCM provides both short-term emergency services and transitional services to residence of Jefferson County. Below are just some of the key programs and services available.

Emergency Assistance for Food

The JCCM Food Pantry provides emergency assistance for food. The pantry stocks canned and boxed food, baked goods, and fresh produce from the Ranson Gardens, Charles Town Farmers Market, and other farmers across the county.

Clients are eligible to receive food by attending a life-skill opportunity between each service received. Eligible clients may receive up to seven days of food per family member, three times in a six-month period.

Get more details on donating food to JCCM.

Emergency Assistance for Clothes

The JCCM Clothing Closet provides emergency assistance for good quality clothing, footwear, purses, bedding, towels, and person hygiene products. The “shop” stocks items for men, women, children, and infants.

Clients are eligible to receive items from the Clothing Closet by attending a life-skill opportunity between each service received. Eligible clients may receive clothing one time in one month, up to three outfits per person.

Get more details on donating items to the JCCM Clothing Closet.

Ranson Volunteer Work Project

JCCM has partnered with the City of Ranson to implement the Ranson Volunteer Work Project.

Every weekday, morning volunteer work teams are deployed in the Ranson Civic Center.  The goal is to make the facility clean and presentable from the previous day’s activities and get it ready for the next event.

This project, in addition to returning the favor to Ranson for its many acts of support, serves to provide pre-employment experience and references to those who have that need and to contribute to their community.

We believe this is a great opportunity for both the City of Ranson and our volunteers. Over time, more work activities will be provided at more sites.   JCCM will also offer special incentives to those who qualify.

Homeless Services

JCCM Homeless Services provide a safe and secure cold-weather shelter from October to March along with meals throughout the year.

The goal of JCCM Homeless Services is to give hope to individuals who have no fixed place of dwelling and not enough money for food or clothing. With the help of JCCM, the homeless or near homeless in Jefferson County can get assistance obtaining ID cards and relevant documents, laundry facilities, Internet access, Pan train tickets, a mailing address, life skills coaching sessions, access to mental and physical health care services, and more.

Learn More About Homeless Services

Life Skills Coaching Sessions

Transitional Services at JCCM focus on developing new or additional life skills leading to employment, housing, reliable transportation, and improved quality of life.

The goal of the sessions is to provide clients with the tools needed to become more self-sufficient. The Life Skills Sessions cover a range of topics including, but not limited to:

  • Budget Coaching
  • Job Coaching
  • Health and Wellness
  • Life Skills

Limited Financial Assistance

Supported by the donations of individuals, churches, businesses organizations, and government entities, JCCM is able to offer aid to families facing issues in the following areas:

  • Termination of utilities
  • Rental  eviction
  • Cooking and heating fuel
  • Medications
  • Gasoline for doctor’s appointments or job interviews
  • Emergency shelter

Each category of assistance has limits.

Clients may use up to $125 in a one year period.
Clients may use up to two motel nights in a one year period.
Clients may use gasoline vouchers or PanTran tickets three times in a six-month period.