We are proud members of Charles Town Now and try to participate in as many activities and events as possible.  On February 11th, we decided to be open for “Cupid’s Crawl,” a fun event celebrating Charles Town and Valentines Day.  It seemed appropriate to be open, as were many of our neighbors, because one of the features of the day was a silent auction at Blackwell Realty to benefit Community Ministries.  Many of our neighbors in this Charles Town community contributed goods or services that were to be auctioned off.  We don’t usually contribute to auctions, silent or otherwise because we deal in services to individuals and families in emergency situations.  In a visit with the Blackwell team a few days before the event, I somewhat jokingly suggested that maybe we would donate a can of corn and, much to my surprise, they loved the idea.  So, they walked away with a can of corn right off the shelves of our food pantry.  Yesterday, Patrick Blood of Blackwell appeared in my office today with an envelope of cash and checks totaling $1,000, the proceeds from the silent auction.  So, I had to ask, what did that lone can of corn bring in?  Again, much to my surprise, Patrick told me that this, first Community Ministries item ever donated to an auction, brought in $47.  Who knew?  Thanks to Charles Town Now, our neighbors and to Blackwell.