With all due respect to the many great restaurants in our community, this very best breakfast was offered up on Friday, the 24th at the Asbury Center in Charles Town.  Breakfast was prepared and served by Mrs. Goodell’s third grade class at Jefferson Academy.  The menu, distributed by the children, included scrambled eggs, with and without cheese, sausage gravy and biscuits, fresh fruit ka-bobs, parfaits, a variety of juices and milk, and HOME MADE CINNIMON ROLLS.  This class makes and sells these delicious rolls as to raise funds for this breakfast and other school needs.  And, there was even enough for a generous cash donation to us.

Asbury UMC at their Asbury Center, the venue for this breakfast feast, hosted the cold-weather shelter last week.  This is the second time that this third grade class brought breakfast.  And, our shelter residents rolled out of their cots that morning and cleaned the shelter space, they were able to begin their day with this wonderful meal.

We had 10 shelter residents along with some extra diners including Charles Town mayor, Peggy Smith and her husband, Ed.  All in all, 16 folks were well fed that morning (shelter, John, Donna, Tony, Bob).  And, there were left overs, including homemade cinnamon rolls that were delivered to Community Ministries for the benefit of folks who could not make it to the breakfast.

This is their second year of bringing a meal to residents of the cold-weather shelter and it seems to me that this will be an important annual event.

Let me ask you this question: why do you think this event might be so important?  In a later post, I will share my reasons for the importance of doing something like this.