Who Knew?

Who knew that breathing could help reduce stress?  Well, as it turned out I did know that from a partnership with the Health Department and their “Moving Forward De-Stress Clinic” which has met in our conference room over the past year.  And, I knew it from previous work I have done.  But, I hadn’t worked with it until last night when I sat with a highly stressed individual.  Frankly, I didn’t think it would work given this person’s highly agitated state.  But, it did.  Perhaps this was just the right thing at just the right time, but for whatever the reason, it did work.  And we were able to complete the business at hand for this day and make a plan for the next.  This individual didn’t know that breathing could help control stress and reacted to that positive experience with the joy of an unexpected gift, which it was.  It turns out that when we are stressed, we don’t make the best decisions because we do more reacting than discerning.  I wonder how much easier our lives would be if we all grew practiced with taking some deep breaths much more frequently during the day.

Who knew?  Perhaps now, many more of us have been reminded of the value and power of breathing.