The mission of the cold weather shelter is to provide temporary shelter to guests. This season the shelter will rotate on a weekly/biweekly basis to a number of churches that have signed up to be in the rotation and meet the safety requirements required for the temporary shelter.

The cold weather shelter is managed by Jefferson County Community Ministries (JCCM) and is run by mostly volunteers. A full-time shelter manager, John Cloyd, ensures that the shelter is run according to the rules set forth by the coalition. On most nights, the shelter manager will be the one to transport the guests from the meal (if needed) to the shelter site, register guests and complete other check-in information, and supervise the guests in setting up the sleeping areas.  For the nights in which the shelter manager is off duty, a coalition board member will fulfill this role.

Two overnight volunteers (one male and one preferably female) are needed to provide watch at the shelter from 8:45 p.m. to 7 a.m. to ensure safety, comfort of all guests, and enforce shelter rules. In addition, volunteers are responsible for waking guests and asked to ensure the facility is clean before leaving. The shelter manager will be available (via phone) to help guests and volunteers with atypical situations and concerns. There is also information posted at the shelter to aid in understanding of shelter policy and expectations of guests.

Please download and read the Shelter Volunteer Guidelines.

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