How JCCM Got Started

Jefferson County Community Ministries got its start in September 1982 with a covenant between six Charles Town churches: Zion Episcopal, Asbury United Methodist, St.Thomas Lutheran, Charles Town Presbyterian, Charles Town Baptist, and Liberty Christian Fellowship. The goal was to create a more organized and efficient way to help people in need in Jefferson County.

In 1983, we began services in three different locations. The office area for interviewing clients was located at the Zion Episcopal Parish House, the clothing closet was located at Charles Town Presbyterian Church, and the food pantry was located at the Good Brothers Garage/Warehouse.

In 2000, we purchased the former J.C. Penney Store in downtown Charles Town where we had more space and were able to consolidate our services into one central location.

As we have grown from the original six churches to close to 50, so have our services. We continue our safety-net assistance of food, clothing, and limited financial aid for rent eviction, utilities termination, medicine, cooking and heating fuel, emergency shelter, and gasoline. We are constantly adding new services and methods to help our neighbors find more permanent solutions to their needs.

History of the JCCM Building

Many people know that Charles Town, WV was founded by Charles Washington, George Washington’s youngest brother, in 1780, but what is the history of the buildings in downtown Charles Town.

After much research by one of our JCCM volunteers, we have been able to build a timeline on the history of the current JCCM building starting in the 1940’s. To complete this project, our volunteer spent time at the Jefferson County Museum, mined social media sites, and scoured the local landscape for information and photos.

1940s The Locke family built a
brick building with
commercial space
on the first floor and
a residence on the
second floor.
1950s The Ramey family
bought and lived in the
two-story apartment
while operating an
appliance store on the
ground level.
1960s The former structure
was razed for the
construction of a
J.C. Penney Co. store.
2000 JCCM purchased the
former J.C.Penney
building to consolidate
services in one central
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