Dinners are hosted at several different locations and are prepared and served by different groups of volunteers. Most meal times are at 6 pm; however, please refer to the meal schedule (available at JCCM) and locations for details.

JCCM currently feeds approximately 25-30 hungry guests. This number varies depending on the day and meal location/time.

What to Bring and Recommendations for Preparing Food

All meals should include the following:

  • Main dish
  • Vegetable or salad with dressing
  • Starch (potato or pasta)
  • Bread and butter
  • Dessert
  • Beverages (lemonade, iced tea, water)
  • Paper plates, cups, utensils, and napkins

To be sure there is enough food for everyone, we suggest the main course completely fills an 18×12 inch roasting pan (or two large crock pots). Keep in mind that many of our guests eat only one meal a day, so please prepare enough food for our guests.

We recommend 3 to 4 volunteers work together to provide and serve the meal. Children may help serve dinner; however, please note that no background checks are done on the guests, so parents should keep close watch over the children.

Please arrive at 15 minutes before meal time to set up. Meals usually lasts about 45 minutes to an hour.

Do not leave food or supplies at the meal facility. Any leftover food can be provided in take-away bags or containers to guests or given to the shelter manager to bring to the shelter (during the cold weather months) where the food can be stored. If you are able, please bring additional foil and plastic bags/containers to send any extra food off with the guests.

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