Welcome to JCCM

Jefferson County Community Ministries, Inc. (JCCM) provides county residents with emergency food, clothing and limited financial assistance for utilities, fuel, prescription medications and housing. We believe that through emergency and short-term assistance, those who come to us might then be able to find more permanent solutions to their needs.

Our theme at JCCM is “Neighbors Helping Neighbors.” Our partnership with our churches, local businesses and civic organizations, educational institutions and schools, government agencies, and most important of all, the residents of Jefferson County, have allowed us to provide assistance to neighbors in need.

Volunteer Orientation

Saturday, November 28th, 10:00-Noon
JCCM Conference Room

The next offering of our volunteer orientation is coming up Saturday November 28th. If you or someone you know is interested in learning more about JCCM and how you can help our neighbors in need, stop by!


One of the changes JCCM has made over the last year or so is the implementation of transition services. We are offering our clients a ‘hand up’ instead of just a ‘hand out’. Here’s a short note about the result of one of those services–coaching.

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Neighborhood Investment Program Tax Credits Now Available!

We have been notified that we may begin offering state tax credits as part of the Neighborhood Investment Program (NIP). The NIP is a state program designed to encourage charitable giving around the state by awarding tax credits for each donation of $500 and larger. Under this program, donors may claim 50% of their donation as a credit on their state income taxes. This, our second year in the program and we were awarded $21,000 in credits. If you are interested in making a donation of $500 or larger and receiving tax credits, or have any questions, please send an email to director@jccm.us.

Anonymous Donors

donorPostWe are blessed with many donors in our community. Some choose to remain anonymous. It might be an individual who presses a crumpled up $5 bill in my hand, or drops off a small bag of fresh produce or a can or two of something or other. Sometimes, those anonymous gifts are much larger. I have written previously about the time this summer when our air conditioning decided to take a vacation. We were facing a fairly expensive repair and replacement process and we called in the folks who have taken good care of our system for some time. And, they took good care of us, again. We did have to spend money on parts, but we were charged NO LABOR COSTS. I told them that I would like to thank them publically, and was told, “Thanks, but no thanks. We didn’t do this for thanks; it’s a spiritual thing.” And, I guess that makes sense, because everything we do here, at the corner of Washington and Lawrence streets, is a spiritual thing. We are sincerely grateful to all donors of so many things, public or private. You bless us and, in your giving, you are blessed.