Welcome to JCCM

Jefferson County Community Ministries, Inc. (JCCM) provides county residents with emergency food, clothing and limited financial assistance for utilities, fuel, prescription medications and housing. We believe that through emergency and short-term assistance, those who come to us might then be able to find more permanent solutions to their needs.

Our theme at JCCM is “Neighbors Helping Neighbors.” Our partnership with our churches, local businesses and civic organizations, educational institutions and schools, government agencies, and most important of all, the residents of Jefferson County, have allowed us to provide assistance to neighbors in need.

Minor Miracles at JCCM

We had a freezer die on us not long ago.  It was an old (geezer) freezer and we probably got more life from it than we had any reason to expect, so we needed a replacement freezer. Not long after the demise of the freezer, we received a call from one of our neighbors who had a freezer that she wanted to donate. Sometimes it happens that way—an unadvertised need arises and someone, by happenstance, is there to meet that need.  Just a happy coincidence?  Perhaps, but I am reminded of a friend who says that a coincidence is one of God’s minor miracles done anonymously.

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