Volunteer Orientation Saturday, July 25th 10 am.

The next offering of our volunteer orientation will be this Saturday, July 25th beginning at 10:00 am. The class lasts about 2 hours. If you or someone you know is interested in learning more about JCCM and how you can help our neighbors in need, stop by!

Free Meals to Children


With the arrival of summer, the Summer Intergenerational Food Service Program in Jefferson County is offering free meals to any child age 18 and younger. This note from Pastor John Unger describes the program in detail.

As part of this program, JCCM has been invited to join In a summer program to provide lunches to hungry children. Buses will be going out into the county, carrying lunches, books and activities for the children who live in the Shannondale and North Jefferson areas. We have been asked to collect and pack that food for delivery on the Friday buses.

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Minor Miracles at JCCM

We had a freezer die on us not long ago.  It was an old (geezer) freezer and we probably got more life from it than we had any reason to expect, so we needed a replacement freezer. Not long after the demise of the freezer, we received a call from one of our neighbors who had a freezer that she wanted to donate. Sometimes it happens that way—an unadvertised need arises and someone, by happenstance, is there to meet that need.  Just a happy coincidence?  Perhaps, but I am reminded of a friend who says that a coincidence is one of God’s minor miracles done anonymously.

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